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Learn to Drive: National Youth Traffic Safety Month

Learn to Drive:: National Youth Traffic Safety Month

For teens, spring and summer months represent a time of fun, freedom and excitement. This celebratory season includes prom, graduation, and vacation. Unfortunately, this is also a deadly time of the year for some teens, when they get behind the wheel and engage in unsafe behavior like texting, participating in underage drinking and driving, speeding, and simply not paying attention.  

Sadly, automobile crashes continue to be the #1 cause of death and injuries for teens in the U.S. Many of these crashes are preventable.  National Youth Safety Month is held each May to help spread traffic safety awareness in an effort to change this startling statistic. During National Youth Traffic Safety Month 2010 teens will learn traffic safety tactics that empower and encourage them to drive safely.   

Teens across the country are working to help change this statistic by participating in National Youth Traffic Safety Month.  Partnering in their communities with community leaders, medical professionals, educators, law enforcement, and legislative leaders youth are developing and implementing projects and programs to raise their voices for safe teen driving.  Through funding support from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and The Allstate Foundation National Organizations for Youth Safety offers youth the opportunity to submit their projects for awards and funding support.

Participating is easy! Teens must form a team in their community and create a traffic safety proposal describing how they will spread safe driving messages through activism in their school and community. For project ideas, statistics, and safe driving facts review the NYTSM toolkit available at www.noys.org to help make the team’s proposal as appealing and informative as possible. Get involved and learn more at www.noys.org. Entry deadline is May 31, 2010.

Share the journey! 20 teams are currently participating in the 2010 Act Out Loud contest sponsored by The Allstate Foundation as part of National Youth Traffic Safety Month. Check out their projects and Cast your vote!  Online voting opens May 10, 2010 and continues through May 21, 2010 to determine the grand prize winner that will receive the  $10,000 grand prize! http://www.actoutloud.org/.

Get a Great Deal! ZoomSafer is honored to partner with the National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS)  in support of National Youth Traffic Safety Month. In recognition of this special event ZoomSafer is proud to offer FREE subscriptions to anyone who visits www.getzoomfree.com during the month of May. Act Now! Get ZoomSafer FREE and help prevent distracted driving.

Make some NOYS! The National Road Safety Foundation partnered with NOYS to empower youth to create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) addressing a youth traffic safety concern.  Check out and share the youth created PSA "Redo" at www.noys.org and share with others the message of "Redo".

TeensLearntoDrive.com  is proud to partner and support the National Youth Traffic Safety Month May 2010 campaign.  Working together with NOYS to empower and engage youth and communities to help save young lives through education, increased enforcement, and support for stronger laws.  Together we hope to save lives and prevent injuries.

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