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a drivers perspective: nero, taxi
A Drivers Perspective: Nero

By Nero
As someone in my mid 20s, I have been using taxis for years. Whether it was for a night out, a ride to the airport or transporting belongings from an old apartment – I used taxis with high frequency.  Seatbelts were never mandatory. I often didn’t wear them and the driver never reminded me to buckle up.

Many times when I’ve been in a cab, the driver has been zooming through the streets, making improper lane changes, u-turns and other dangerous maneuvers.

Would you wear a seatbelt in this scenario? Most people don’t.

Think about the possibilities. You do not know the driver and taxi drivers can often be unpredictable and reckless.  Why take chances?

The next time you ride in a cab, remember – BUCKLE UP! I certainly will!