Learn to Drive | Dangers of Smoking While Driving

How to Drive a Car | Don't Smoke While Driving

As a beginner driver learning how to drive a car it is important to recognize the many distractions which can jeopardize your safety.  Smoking while driving a car is one of them.  Learn to drive without smoking.  It's also a good reason to stop smoking. 

As you develop experince in how to drive a car safely you will have many things to be thinking about.   You need to keep yourself, your passengers, other drivers and pedestrians from being hurt or killed.  It takes only a few seconds of inattention to cause a crash when driving a car.

Some annoyances happen when smoking that one deals with but they don't have the potential to end your life.  Remember that it takes only a few seconds of inattention to cause a crash.  This applies to both experienced drivers and those just learning how to drive a car.  Something that is just an annoyance off the road may be life threatening on the road.  What are these annoyances that can turn into life threatening events?  If your are a smoker ask yourself how many times this has happened to you. 

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Smoking & Driving

1)  Get smoke in your eyes which really stings and your eyes start to water.

2)  Burn your finger as it accidently slides to the end of the cigarette.

3)  Have burning cigarette ash fall on your clothes or skin.

4)  Have a lighted cigarette fall on the floor.

5)  Needing to use 2 hands and a lot of trying to open a cigarette pack.   

Smoking is stupid, smelly and unhealthy.  Smoking lowers the resale value of your vehicle and leaves sticky yellow scum on your windshield.  Fires have been started when drivers accidentally drop their cigarettes or accidently  flick their butts into the back seat.  Passengers are also exposed to second-hand-smoke. 

There’s simply no ‘upside’ to smoking when driving a car.

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