How to Drive a Car | Parents Critical for Teen Safety

Learn to Drive | Driving Intructor Says Parental Involvement is Critical for Their Teen’s Safety

Teaching teens how to drive a car is what driving instructors are expert at.  They have the knowledge and experience in what is involved in driving a car safely.  But driving instructors spend only about 8 hours with a teen as they learn to drive.  Experts agree that to acquire the skills necessary to be safe on the road requires at least 100 hours of teaching. 

The most practical solution to getting those 100 hours is for parents to participate in teaching their teen how to drive a car.  Their participation is needed during the driving lessons and especially after the driving lessons finish .  But most parents do not know how to effectively teach their teen.  Although they may have many years experience in driving a car they don’t have the experience in teaching how to drive a car.  

Veteran driving safety expert Mike Pehl is passionate about the issue of teens learning how to drive a car safely. His years of experience as an accident investigator and accredited driving instructor have convinced him that accident rates for teens driving a car can be significantly reduced. Mike believes very few parents understand that their involvement is CRITICAL for their teenager to learn to drive safely. He also knows most parents have no idea how to effectively teach their teens the skills necessary for their own protection when driving a car.

Parents can now find help with teaching their teens how to drive a car.  A comprehensive book has been written by teen safe driving expert Anne Marie Hayes.  The book is called “3 Keys to Keeping Your Teen Alive” and provides step by step guide for parents to be an active participant as their teens learn to drive.  The book also comes with a free on-line video library that teens can watch to get instructions from other driving experts.

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Parental Controls are Critical

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