Driving Lesson 7 (N2K)

"Space Management and Scanning" Need-To-Know Info 

How to Drive a Car:  Road Racing

When learning how to drive a car  it is important to undertstand that the faster you go, the harder it is to control your car and the longer it takes to stop it.  Speeders can’t slow down quickly enough to avoid sudden obstacles or slowing traffic.  They often run yellow lights and cause serious collisions at intersections.  And your quick teen reflexes won’t help you.  A sudden swerve to avoid a crash could flip your car and land you in a ditch (or worse!)

How to Drive a Car:   High Emotion

Even the best drivers make critical errors when they’re angry or upset.  As an in-experienced driver,  just learning how to drive a car,  you can’t help it. Your body reacts to how you’re feeling and your mind focuses on what’s troubling you at the moment. (And that’s not the road!)  So – if you can help it – don’t drive when you’re angry, very worried or upset.  Let someone else drive or take a walk to calm down before you get behind the wheel. If you can’t help driving (you have to get an injured friend to the hospital) then make a real effort to focus on your driving.  Concentrate on staying within the speed limit and keep your eyes and mind on the road.  (Getting to the hospital fast is important but if you speed or take foolish chances – you may not get there at all!)

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