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How to Drive a Car | Includes Learning Pedestrian Safety

As you learn how to drive a car you will need to learn to watch for pedestrians.  Small children can run out on to the street without warning.  That is why speed limits in residential areas are lower and lower yet in school zones.  Driving a car means taking responsibilty for the actions of the car.  So when there are many pedestrians along a street take extra caution when driving a car.

A tip to help you learn to drive safely on residential streets is to check under parked cars as you approach.  Sometimes you can see the feet of someone about to cross the street.

At intersections you need to be especially careful.  Often when turning right on red (if legal in your area) you may be looking left for cars but not looking right because you know cars would not be coming to the intersection in that lane.  BUT pedestrians may be crossing and they are crossing with the green light and pedestrian crossing signal.  If you hit a pedestrian in this situation you are totally at fault! 

When driving a car you will encounter road construction crews.  Slow down as these workers are very close to traffic lanes.  You may also see signs posted for doubling fines for speeding in contruction zones.  Some areas also impose jaill sentences for injuring or killing a person in a contruction zone.  So make sure that you learn how to drive a car properly through these zones.

Pedestrian crosswalks are also a danger area.  Somtime pedestrians will wait for cars to cross sometimes they will just walk out on the road.  If you see someone at a crosswalk slow down and be ready to stop.  

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Pedestrian Crosswalk

As part of learning how to drive a car you need to know the rules of the road as they apply to pedestrians.  You need to be able recognize pedestrian crosswalks and take the appropriate action.  At interesections where people are crossing you need to know what to do.  Your DMV, MOT or DOT driving manual will cover these situations and you may be tested on these rules.

Acquiring the necessary skills to stay safe and keep pedestrians safe is part of learning how to drive a car.

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