Taxi Cab Safety

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A Drivers Perspective: Nero By Nero As someone in my mid 20s, I have been using taxis for years. Whether it was for a night out, a ride to the airport or transporting belongings from an old apartment – I used taxis with high frequency.  Seatbelts were never mandatory. I often didn’t wear them and […]

Be Sure to Scan the Road for Kids

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By Nero S. Now that summer is upon us, there are certain things we should be paying more attention to.  No, I’m not talking about allergies, or getting sunburnt – it’s about being an observant driver.  With the warmer weather, we see more people outside playing sports, walking around, and just generally enjoying the great […]


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By Rosie P. One very important thing I have learned while working with Teens learn to Drive is how dangerous distractions and trying to multi-task can be. Studies prove that we cannot effectively do two things at once. Think about it, anytime you take your focus off the road while you are driving and pay […]

Flat Tires

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By Sean W. Flat tires are inconvenient, but if you don’t know what to do, they can even be scary. Here are some tips. The first thing to know is what happens when you get a flat tire so you know what to expect. Most likely, you’ll feel your car being pulled to one side […]