About Us

About Us and Our Values 

Teens Learn To Drive Inc. is a North American non-profit organization that is dedicated to preventing death and injury among teens and young drivers through education. We believe that with better information, teens can make better driving decisions. We achieve this through interactive events, newsletters, and other outreach projects. As well, we make available videos, PSAs and other tools that schools can use to reinforce good driving habits and change driving culture.

All the programs and resources are FREE of charge to participants thanks to our generous sponsors.

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Teens Learn to Drive Team, Spring 2016

about the team, young drivers, 2016

Top: Billy, Jasmine, Anna, Nicole, Kaaleen, Frank, Diana, Anne-Marie
Bottom: Sarah Marie, Nero



Teens Learn to Drive, Fall 2015

teens learn to drive, fall 2015

Top: Norissa, Paul-Anndra, Talia, Dianna, Emily, Anne-Marie
Bottom: Sarah Marie, Lola



Teens Learn to Drive Team, North Tour 2015

about the team, young drivers, 2015

Rob, Jerry, Tom, Mark, Anne-Marie, Sarah Marie, Talia, Lola



Teens Learn to Drive Team, Spring 2015

team, young drivers, spring 2015

Top: Sean, Cassie, Maureen, Anne-Marie, Naeema, Rosie, Nero, Anna
Bottom: Samantha, Sarah-Marie