Learn to Drive | What Shape is Your Vehicle In?

Learn to Drive - What Shape is Your Vehicle In?

Even though teens may learn to drive safely to stay safe on the road the vehicle they are driving must also be in safe condition.   Vehicles need to be  inspected every few years by a licensed auto mechanic to be sure all safety systems are working properly.  Having a car that is working properly and is safe to drive is one less thing for a teen learning to drive to worry about.  

Police pull random vehicles over for safety inspections every year during traditional blitzs on long weekends.  In those few hours, in a very confined area, they:

  • Removed the plates from 17 vehicles that were so unsafe they could never be returned to the road
  • Ordered 17 other vehicles off the road until their owners can prove they’ve had  extensive repairs completed and the vehicle complies with the minimum safety standards
  • Ticketed 32 other drivers for safety violations concerning their vehicles

If a car is unsafe, the occupants are in danger.  Would you allow your children to drive in a car with faulty brakes or bald tires?  What about a car body that is so compromised by rust and body filler that it would disintegrate in a collision?

If you haven’t had your vehicle inspected in a few years, - now’s the time!  Your vehicle needs to be safe so it doesn’t cause a crash – and solid enough so it will protect you and your family, if a crash is unavoidable

There was an old joke about someone who got a new set of tires for an anniversary present.  They are very unromantic, I admit.  Diamond earrings make a much more flamboyant statement. But if your spouse is driving on bald tires – those new tires say – “I love you so much I want you around forever!”  If you can afford one and not the other – the tires are the way to go.  Let a candlelight dinner provide the romance and buy the tires.

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