The 3 Keys To Keeping Your Teen Alive

Written by our founder and president, Anne Marie Hayes, the “3 Keys to Keeping Your Teen Alive” book provides a simple step-by-step plan to prepare teens to become safe, responsible drivers.

An Important Read for Parents and Teens

A good driving course or driver’s ed program is the best start for your teen but they provide only eight to ten hours of in-car practice and that’s not nearly enough to develop those instinctive skills teens need to “take over” when something unexpected happens on the road. Teens need at least 100 hours of practice driving in the first year.

That’s an additional 90 hours, which works out to two hours per week. Today’s families are busy. There aren’t enough hours in the day already but this practice could be the most important thing you ever do. It could save lives – so you need to plan it.

For Parents

  1. 25 structured driving lessons
  2. Great advice from top experts
  3. True stories, quizzes, and puzzles

The companion website ( has additional resources and links to great instructional and informational videos that complement each lesson.

For Teens

There are many benefits for teens to learn how to drive and survive with the help of the “3 Keys” book.

  1. Financially helps when you get your own car
  2. Keeps your life on track
  3. Allows you to continue
  4. Avoid the guilt and pain of hurting others
  5. Keeps your social life intact

Accompanying the book is a series of videos to engage teens. For that page, click here:

What the Experts Say

“3 Keys … is a comprehensive resource that fills a tremendous need for parents to work through guiding their child to become a safe driver. The interactive style of this resource … provides a tool for families to work together through the teen driver experience."
Sandy Spavone
Executive Director

Washington, D.C.

“As a trauma nurse, I’ve seen too many teens suffer and die because of car crashes that didn’t have to happen. Do everything you can to keep your teen out of the emergency room—starting with using this book.”
Sheila MacDonell

“3 Keys … is a comprehensive instruction manual designed to give all new drivers a solid foundation of driving skills, based upon proven safe-driving principles. I highly recommend its use in the instruction of inexperienced drivers, and as a future reference guide, for a lifetime of safe driving.”
Dean T. Johnson
Sandy Johnson Foundation

“I strongly encourage parents to go through this book with your teens because it not only contains practical advice about what to do while driving, but also true stories about regular people who have suffered tragedy because of poor decisions. (They will lead to) productive discussions … about driving safety.”
Renee Napier
The Meagan Napier Foundation

“This book is a must read for all teens and new drivers. As a mother who lost her daughter in a car accident, I think Anne Marie covers all the risks out there for new drivers.”
Linda Mulkey
Hang Up, Save a Life
Salt Lake City, Utah

“Both teen drivers and parents will benefit from this compelling survival blueprint to safe driving practices. Those parents like myself who lost their teen-child in their first year of driving feel this lifesaving book is the best gift you can give your teen.”
Laura Marchetti
Citizen Representative
AAA Traffic Safety Foundation Board, Auto Club South

“In life we make many investments. This investment you don’t want to miss! … Research proves informed and involved parents make a difference. 3 Keys … is a great resource to help parents coach, monitor and support their teens.”
Michelle Anderson
Director of Operations
National Road Safety Foundation
New York