How to Drive a Car | Texting While Driving….The Dangers

How to Drive a Car | Texting While Driving....The Dangers

Teens who are reaching the age to learn how to drive a car are the leading edge of a wave of new drivers who have grown up with cell phones. And to add to the problem they are now texting and tweeting each other numerous times a day. Teens have grown so attached to their phones that having it taken away for a week is considered punishment. But everyone - including teens know that it is dangerous to text and drive - but like many things - the attitude is ...."it won't happen to me". So parents and educators must use new approaches to take phones out of driving. Parents must use their influence and authority to have their teen learn to drive without the distraction of a cell phone.

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Dr. Strayer warns teens who are learning how to drive a car, “Every generation thinks they’re different. We all think we’re better drivers than our parents. Teens believe they’re better texters and cell phone users too because they’ve grown up with the technology - and they probably are. But that doesn’t mean they can talk on their cells and drive or text while they drive. No one can. Technology is addictive like gambling. We use it all the time so we get lulled into a false sense of security. This is very dangerous for everyone, but teens styill learning how to drive a car are most at risk because they are the least experienced drivers.”

Passengers can talk and text as much as they want, but drivers should NEVER send or receive texts. The attached video is about a teen who was killed while texting on her cell phone. She crashed head-on with another vehicle.


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