Learn to Drive:: Seatbelts Can Have Other Uses

Learn to Drive - Seatbelts Can Have Other Uses

When teens learn to drive it is critical for them to get into the habit of wearing a seatbelt.  Seat-belts separate car crashes from fatal car crashes.    Driving statistics prove seat belts save lives so why don’t all teens wear them every time they get in the car?  Buckling up needs to be a habit everyone does without thinking.  Talk with your teen about all the possible reasons they might have and make sure they know that none of them are okay.

Be sure to have your teen practice putting on their seatbelt before starting the car.  Make this a part of their Learn to Drive  checklist.  Look for more information in the Driving Lessons sections of the Workbook and the Video Library.  See Driving Lesson 1. 

Learn To Drive: Driving Lessons Video Library

Practice the following with your teen.  Before putting the car in gear, have them call out, “Seatbelt check!”  Then have each person check they are belted, and the person next to them is belted too.Learn to Drive, Driving, Seatbelts, Teens

In our family, we’ve caught two people in the last two weeks.  In both cases they thought they’d buckled up, but were distracted by activity in the vehicle or a package on their laps.

Make ‘Seatbelt Check!’ a habit every time you and your teen get in the car.  Even people who always wear their seatbelt sometimes make mistakes.  And you know that can be deadly.

The accompanying video is a funny look at how seatbelts can serve other purposes   :~)

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