Learn to Drive | Seat Belts Save Lives

How to Drive a Car | Seat Belts Save Lives

Learning how to drive a car includes learning about wearing seatbelts.   Most areas have laws about wearing  a seatbelt when driving a car.  Know that even a small crash when driving a car can cause severe injuries when not wearing a seatbelt.  It is important to remember to wear your seatbelt whenever you are practicing how to drive  a car.  Cars have warning sounds and dashbolard lights that help you remember.  But if you make wearing a seatbelt a habit you will always put on your seatbelt...without thinking about it.   Your learn to drive program must include this as an exercise. You can find more information on seatbelts in Driving Lesson 1 - SP.  Click the link below.

Learn to Drive - Driving Lesson 1: SP

All passengers need to wear a seatbelt as well - no exceptions.  When you have passengers in the car do not move the car until everyone is buckled-up - both front and rear. 

Don't rely on the air bag as a substitute for wearing a seatbelt.  Research shows that air bags are intended to work together with the seatbelt.  With no seatbelt and only air bags you can suffer severe injuries.  See the video in Driving Lesson 1 called "THINK Seatbelts - 3 Strikes".  It tells more about what can happen when not wearing a seatbelt and relying only on the air bag.

Learn to Drive - Driving Lesson 1: SP

The link below will take you to an article by my friend, Dianne Sipe.  She's the grandmother of Katie Marchetti, who was killed in a preventable car crash because she wasn't wearing her seat belt.  Seat belts really do save lives.  Remind your teens often that there are no excuses for not wearing them.  One single mistake is all it takes to stop time.

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