Learn to Drive – Free Online Course for Parents with Teen Drivers

Learn to Drive - Free Online Course to Help Parents Teach Their Teens to be Safe Drivers

If you have a teen trying to learn to drive  (or a teen who will be learning to drive soon) take advantage of this opportunity to sign-up for the “Alive at 25” Parent Program.  For a limited time, it’s being offered for free by Midas and The National Safety Council.  It’s well done and will help you understand how serious your responsibility is as your teen’s mentor and driving coach.

Learning to drive well comes with time, practice, and proper guidance. The National Safety Council’s Alive at 25 Parent Program online course gets parents involved in training their teens to drive safely and responsibly. It outlines the risks young drivers face and helps parents take responsibility for reducing those risks. It offers information that encourages a parent/teen partnership in an engaging learning environment that includes realistic situations to help teens think through options and outcomes before they encounter them in real life. Through interactive media, workbook exercises, role playing and more, the course help parents reinforce basic driving and good-decision making skills.

Follow the link below and click on the Midas Logo to get your access code and take this free 2-hour online course.Learn to Drive | Parent Program | Midas | Alive at 25 |midas2

Free On-Line Course for Parents

4 thoughts on “Learn to Drive – Free Online Course for Parents with Teen Drivers

  1. Very commendable. We need things like this here in the UK. It’s very rare that parents get involved in their kids driving.

    All their concerned with mostly is when can they take their drivers test in as few lessons as possible.

  2. Thanks Raymond. I believe some parents would be more involved if they realized they should be. A lot just don’t think about how dangerous driving is – and the great risk there is to new drivers.

  3. It’s very few parents that get involved in their childrens safety. As a driving instructor for over 32 years I have always been open for parents to sit in during their kids driving lessons. It help them to think about their driving more as they listen to correct driving procedures.

    As I’ve said before all they are interested in is getting them through in a few lessons as possible regardless of the standard of their loved ones. I don’t know about anyone else, when my children were learning to drive I keen on getting them over prepared for their driving test.

  4. I agree Raymond. As a parent, I have to say I didn’t really think about driving safety for my daughter until I entered this field. I just expected her to be safe. Now – I’ve spoken to so many parents who expected their teens to be safe too but they were wrong and tragedies have changed their lives forever.
    That’s why I want to help parents understand how important it is to be involved in their teen’s driver education. It is all about safety. The test itself stands for very little.

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