Learn to Drive: What’s Up with Parents in New Jersey?

Learn to Drive - What's Up with Parents in New Jersey?

It bothers me when people fight new laws just for the sake of it.  Some laws are really there to save lives and isn’t that a good thing?

 New Jersey has Kyleigh's Law which requires new teen drivers to place magnetic stickers on their license plates. The purpose is so police officers can enforce the Graduated Driver Licensing laws that apply specifically to teens.

 GDL saves lives.  Teen driving curfews and restrictions are important.  They allow teens to gain driving experience under restricted conditions before additional distractions are added.  Yet – people continue to come up with the most ridiculous reasons to disobey and try to quash Kyleigh’s Law.

 One of the stupidest – is that the stickers identify teen drivers to predators.  Couldn’t they just look in the window?

 Donna Weeks of Long Valley, New Jersey lost her daughter, Kyleigh D'Alessio, in a crash in 2006. Since then, she's done everything in her power to make the roads safer for other teens.  She’s the force behind Kyleigh’s Law.

 I really don’t understand parents who allow their kids to break the law – like the young man in the video who proudly proclaims he didn’t use the stickers.  Where were his parents?

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