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Learn to Drive | The Wrong Car for a Teen Driver

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Jun 14

How to Drive a Car - The Wrong Car for a Teen Driver

Teens usually learn how to drive a car using the family car and it is the family car that they use during their GDL period and when they start driving a car by themselves on a full license.  But even after getting a full license teens

Learn to Drive | Teen Drivers Need More Sleep to Stay Safe

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Jun 12

How to Drive a Car | Teen Drivers Need More Sleep to Stay Safe

A danger for teens learning how to drive a car is drowsy driving.  Their internal clocks are out-of-whack.  That results in teens driving a car when they have not had enough sleep.  Teens need to learn to drive only when they are

Learn to Drive | Reflexive Driving Skills

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Jun 10

How to Drive a Car - Reflexive Driving Skills

No Teen is Really a Safe Driver

As you learn to drive watch the news any evening and you’ll quickly realize that driving a car is dangerous for everyone.  Any ‘typical’ outing in a car can change in an instant.  And when that happens, there’s no

Learn to Drive | Funny Video of Ellen Degeneres and Teaching Driving

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Jun 09

Learn to Drive | Ellen Degeneres  and Teaching Driving

A good start when you learn to drive is taking driving lessons.  Many schools however provide less than 8 hours of driving practice behind the wheel.  To learn how to drive a car safely requires over a 100 hours.  Parents must supplement driving

Learn to Drive:: Summer is the Most Dangerous Time for Teen Drivers

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Jun 06

Learn to Drive - Summer is the Most Dangerous Time for Teen Drivers

Last year in North Carolina, 139 teens were killed in car crashes.  The highway patrol is pulling out all stops to keep teens who are learning to drive safe .

Highway Patrol targeting teen drivers

June 04, 2010 4:29