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Multi-tasking or Information Overload?

By Jasmine R. jasmine, multi-task, teens learn to drive

There are plenty of misconceptions when it comes to our ability to multi-task. In fact we really don’t do two things at once – we just switch our focus from one task to the other.

Have you ever tried to have a conversation while applying mascara? I have… and failed. I end up looking like a racoon, or talking very slowly, enunciating every single letter. Now imagine that you’re applying your make-up while behind the wheel…pretty scary right?

There are multiple scenarios where young drivers, like myself, are trying to multi-task while driving. These tasks can include changing the music, eating, even dancing - especially if you’re accompanied by a friend or two! You are putting yourself and your passengers at risk.

When you try to do two thinking tasks at once you also overload your brain and can actually miss key information when driving. This can be very stressful. You can miss stop signs, red lights or even pedestrians! One thing at a time is more efficient and a lot safer.

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