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How to Drive a Car | Turns at Intersections 

Turning may seem like a simple maneuver but it can be very dangerous for drivers still learning how to drive a car.  How to properly execute a turn is an essential skill in learning to drive.  Most turns are at  intersections and intersections are where most crashes occur.   To stay safe you need to practice turns.  The practice can be in an empty mall parking lot so you can get it right before getting on the road.   

Your driving test will also include how well you can execute a turn when driving a car. 


Use these 9 steps every time you make a turn at an intersection:
  1. As you approach the turn, check your rear view mirror so you know who’s behind you and how close they are.  You need to do this well in advance so you don’t get rear-ended by someone who’s following too closely.  If they aren’t giving you enough room - gently (and briefly) touch your brakes to let them know you’ll be slowing down soon.
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    Turning at an Intersection
  2. Check your side mirrors, so you know where the other vehicles are.
  3. Make sure you’re in the correct turning lane.
  4. Signal your intent to turn.
  5. Start slowing down. 
  6. Double-check your mirrors.
  7. Check right and left into the intersection and assess what other vehicles are doing.  (Remember – just because someone else is signaling a turn, it doesn’t mean they’re going to turn and vice-versa!)
  8. Come to a full stop before you enter any intersection. 
  9. Complete your turn when the way is clear.

Make this part of your Learn to Drive checklist.  Look for more information in the Driving Lessons sections of the Workbook and the Video Library.  See Driving Lesson 2. 

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