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How To Drive a Car | Teens Playing Deadly Driving Games

Learn to Drive | Playing Deadly Driving Games

by: Anne Marie Hayes

This is not an article about video driving games – at least not the kind you’re thinking of.  As you teach your teen how to drive a car be aware of these deadly driving games that teens play in real cars and the thousands of teens who die playing them. 

A proper Drivers Ed program and deligent parental envolvement helps teens make wise choices as they learn to drive.  But many teens do not give driving a car the respect required.  This results in teens using a car as a toy to play with.   

Video cameras and Youtube are part of the problem.  Teens are literally dying to be ‘famous’ by competing to post the most hair-raising videos on the net.  They push each other to try riskier and riskier stunts they can post on Youtube for everyone to watch. 

Driving a car can be fun but it isn’t a game.  Talk with your kids about the dangers of these behaviors.  Put some family rules in place with severe consequences for breaking them.  Then enforce the consequences if necessary.  Don’t take chances with your teen’s life when they are driving a car.

These are some of the deadly games teens are playing when driving a car:   

How To Drive a Car, Learn to Drive, Driving a car, Driving Games
Driving Games

1.  Car Surfing – Kids climb onto the roof or hood, or hang onto the side of the car.  The driver increases the speed of the vehicle and sometimes even makes maneuvers to try to shake off the rider.  There are Youtube postings of teens hanging off cars as they dodge traffic doing 70 miles per hour! 

2.  Video Speeding – Drivers focus cameras on the speedometer and the road ahead to ‘prove’ how fast they’re driving.  Vehicles reach incredible speeds as drivers concentrate more on the speed than the road.

3.  ‘Carving’ Traffic – Drivers drive as fast as they can and move through traffic without braking.  Their video cameras record it all as they tailgate, make dangerous lane changes and drive on the shoulder so they won’t have to slow down or stop.

4.  Trunking – Teens ride in the trunks of their friend’s cars.  It’s cramped and uncomfortable at the best of times, but becomes deadly if the car is rear-ended or rolls over.

Parents, be very concerned if your teen wants to install a video camera in the car.  Ask questions.  Remember: “It’s all fun and games until someone loses their life.”

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