How to Drive a Car | Student Killed in Street Racing Crash

Learn to Drive | Student Killed in Street Racing Crash


The following news item is about teens who did not learn how to drive a car safely and how not to take foolish risks like not wearing a seatbelt when driving a car and racing.

One Trimble Tech student was killed in a car crash and a second was critically injured.

"The teens were part of a three-car crash that took place when the teens were racing down the 2200 block of Eighth Avenue", police said.

Alex Murrillo lost control when driving a car and ended up in the path of oncoming traffic, police said. When the cars collided, Eric Trevino was ejected from the car and died at the scene.

Trevino was a 16-year-old high school junior who was also on the baseball team. His best friend, Jasmine Veloz, saw the crash first hand.

"Just when they were racing and they just crashed. They hit the curb and Eric just fly off," said Veloz. "Just when I saw it, I couldnt believe it becaue he was just so happy at school and I just couldn't believe that it could be him."   

How to Drive a Car  - Learn to drive -  driving a car - Racing

The driver of the car, Alex Murrillo, was also injured and was transported to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth in critical condition.

Some of Trevino's teammates said they will dedicate this season to his memory and will be sending their condolences and a flower arrangement to his family.

Investigators have not said what charges, if any, the drivers will face.

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