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Learn to Drive | Police Stops and Pulling Over

How to Drive a Car | Police Stops and Pulling Over

Some day when you are driving a car you may get pulled over by a police officer or a state trooper.  It could be a random safety check or because you broke a traffic law.   Hopefully it will not happen when you are learning how to drive a car.  It is important that you behave in an appropriate manner so make the following rules part of your "learn to drive" curriculum. 

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Pulled Over by Police

Trooper K.M. Blumenstock,  of the Highway Patrol, offers these tips for staying safe if you get pulled over:

1.  Immediately put on your hazard lights (4-way flashers) to show that you are preparing to pull over to the side of the road.

2. Turn off your RADIO and remove your Blue Tooth device.   

3.  Remove the key from the ignition and place it on the dashboard. 

4.  Do not remove your seatbelt or get out of the car.  Keep your hands on the steering wheel.

5.  Greet the officer with “Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon” or “Good Evening”.

6.  Give the officer the documents he asks for (probably your license and the registration papers for the vehicle.) 

7.  The officer will tell you why you were pulled over.  Answer their questions politely and truthfully.  Explain why you did what you did.

Understand that police officers and state troopers are people too.  They are moms and dads, aunts and uncles and grandparents too.  You are much more likely to get a reduced ticket or a warning if you’re polite, respectful and follow these rules when driving a car.

Then make sure you learn from the experience and never make the same mistake again.  When you get home, tell your parents what happened and why.  They will probably find out anyway and will be less angry if you are upfront and honest with them.  If you broke one of the rules of your driving contract, accept your punishment like an adult.  The punishment may hurt but your honestly will go a long way toward proving to your parents that you are trustworthy and responsible when driving a car.

In case of emergency, Trooper Blumenthal also suggests that you equip your car with a blanket and a few flares.  They should be stored safely in the trunk and make sure you know how to light and use the flares.

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