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Learn to Drive | Backing Up / Reversing

How to Drive a Car | Backing Up

Be sure to practice backing up as you learn how to drive a car.  Find an empty mall parking lot and try various turns.  Practice backing into parking spaces.  After each attempt get out of the car and see how you are positioned in the space.  Make this a part of your Learn to Drive checklist.

In the parking lot do a 360 degree circle going forward and study the area it takes to create the circle.  Now do a 360 degree circle backing up.  You will notice the car turns much sharper and creates a much smaller circle when backing up.  Keep this in mind if you are ever in a situation where you have limited turning room.  

During your driving test you will be asked to back up and stop when told.  Keep your eyes looking to the rear until the car stops.  Your driver examiner will be looking for this. 

Look for more information in the Driving Lessons sections of the Workbook and the Video Library.  See Driving Lesson 1.  

 Learn To Drive: Driving Lessons Video Library

Knowing how to back up is necessary when driving a car.  Here are some tips for Backing Up: 

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How to Back Up
  • Steer in the direction you want the back of the car to go
  • Turn your head so you’re looking where you want to go (over your right shoulder to see the back of the car)
  • Hover your foot over the brake so you can stop quickly
  • Do not use your gas pedal

The video will add further knowledge as you learn how to drive a car.

4 thoughts on “Learn to Drive | Backing Up / Reversing

  1. Why are you still teaching hand over hand when there is a airbag that could deploy. Why not teach push pull steering which will keep the hands from crossing over the airbag?

  2. Great point Kellie! I believe hand-over-hand provides best control. My colleagues in law enforcement and first responders agree. However, I know many people prefer push-pull steering because of the airbag issue. I believe either method is acceptable.

  3. Failed backing into Angle Parking on road test. If you were reversing into a parking space between poles when should you turn your wheel all the way. How far from poles?

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