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A drivers Perspective: Rosie

By Rosie P.

When I turned 21, I decided that it was finally time to learn how to drive. I was so excited to start driving school, because it meant I was progressing towards becoming an independent driver and could finally have an experienced driver teach me all I needed to know about the road. OH BOY was I WRONG! I tried looking for a driving school in my area and found one that was close to my house and also very inexpensive, I thought I got lucky – but little did I know!

I started my in-class lessons at the “school” in July, which I completed in two days - yes you might be confused how I completed it so fast. Well the thing was that this school was very lenient and all I had to do was just come into class, sit down for about an hour and go through 2 – 3 videos (that were made in the 1980’s), which took me about 2 hours per day.

Next came the 10 hours of in-car lessons. That’s where things got really crazy. My driving instructor would pick me up and drop me off at home every day, however my lessons consisted of him sleeping for about 45 min, while I’m in the car driving around Toronto. Keep in my mind - I was a new driver with very little driving experience.  

At the time I thought it was normal, and that maybe he trusted me. (Plus he was so cheap!) However due to the lack of actual teaching I ended up taking about 30 extra lessons.

Ultimately I failed my road test and realized that not only did I end up paying A LOT MORE, I had also jeopardized my safety. Driving school can be very expensive and sometimes we tend to think that a cheaper one can fulfill all requirements, which in my situation wasn’t true.

All my parents cared about was my safety and that I learned how to be a good driver. I felt bad for having them pay so much for Driving School, so I resorted to a cheaper school. Yet at the end of the day I ended up paying more anyway. So for all those teenagers who are thinking about getting lessons and enrolling in driving school, remember that driving is something you are going to be doing for the rest of your life and no price is too large, when it comes to your safety.