How to Drive a Car | Advice from Tyler Presnell

How to Drive a Car |  Advice from Tyler Presnell

"I speak to teens (who are learning how to drive a car) and (adults with teens ) about driving a car safely. Also about how precious life is. I was the passenger in a car crash that almost took my life at the age of 14. The date of the crash was Nov. 21st, 1999. The recovery still continues. I have had 21 surgeries on my body as well as 1 on my brain. The latest surgery was Sept. 9th, 2009. My mission is to teach people how to have patience and respect while driving a car. This includes every motor vehicle."

How to Drive a Car | tyler-presnell
Tylern Presnell in Re-Hab

 Tyler made a decision to get in a car that did not have enough seat belts for all 5 teenage passengers. A few minutes later the driver lost control of the vehicle and struck a telephone pole as they drove over 70 mph.  Tyler would take the brunt of the impact.  After years of surgeries and rehabilitation Tyler was asked by one of his Trauma Nurses to share his story with a High Risk Driving Class.  It was here that Tyler discovered his passion for speaking... for sharing his story. He didn't want anyone to experience what he was going through.

 "I feel like I was kept alive to try to save people," he said. Presnell, who walks with a limp because his lower right leg is paralyzed and has survived 22 surgeries, says that surviving has turned him into a passionate preacher to teens, and he implores teens to speak up if a supposedly cool driver is driving a car dangerously.  Tyler also encourages teens to wear a seat belt (he was the only one of six in the car who didn't).  “I used to be angry and ask why God did this to me.  Now I ask why he’s blessed me with this.”

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