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Help Ensure Your Pedestrian Safety!

By Nero S.
When it comes to driving and observing a lot of the responsibility falls on the driver but what pedestrians don’t know is that they also have a part to play. As a frequent pedestrian and occasional driver, I can see things from both perspectives. Pedestrians can also do a lot to curb the frequency of collisions with vehicles by doing the following things.

  • Be predictable – cross in the appropriate places and don’t jaywalk
  • Wear reflective clothing – if traveling by foot make sure to wear clothing that is reflective. Headlights will bounce off your clothing so drivers will see you.
  • Contrasting colours – if reflective clothing is not available, be sure to wear contrasting colour. For example: white or bright colors are better than black at night.
  • Pets are pedestrians too – make sure to apply all of the above to your small friends. They need be seen as well.

While we put a lot of the on us on drivers for road safety – pedestrian safety is also up to us. When it comes to the road – PEDESTRIANS - DO YOUR PART!