Learn to Drive: GDL Passenger Restrictions are Reducing Teen Deaths

Learn to Drive -  GDL Passenger Restrictions are Reducing Teen Deaths

Many programs help Teens Learn to Drive safely.  Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) is one of tholse programs.   GDL restricts the number of teen-aged passengers in the car as well as other restictions.  The restrictions are intended to keep teens safe as they learn to drive.   States that have accepted this restriction have reduced fatal crashes by up to 40%!

Your learn to drive experience will probably be regulated by a Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program.  Some are better than others.  The best ones are the most restrictive. 

The CDC has produced a GDL Tool Kit that helps parents and teens learn about  GDL.  To get a copy of this Tool Kit click the link below.

Learn To Drive: GDL Tool Kit

The ”GDL Info.”   tab  above has more on your Local GDL Laws.     Be sure to memorize the rules for your state or province.  Make this a part of your Drivers Ed checklist.  When you practice your driving lessons remember to follow the GDL rules.

Sample of Generic GDL Levels and Restrictions: 

Level 1 License (Learner’s Permit)how to drive a car, learn to drive, driving a car, GDL-Toolkit

Prospective drivers must pass a written test, meet an age requirement and have a parent’s permission to qualify for their Level 1 license.  When driving they must have a parent/coach accompanying them in the front passenger seat of the car.  The coach must be a sober, fully licensed driver. 

Level 2 License (Provisional / Restricted License)

Once teens master enough skills to complete the requirements at Level 1 and pass a road test, they graduate to Level 2.  Level 2 allows new drivers to drive without an adult (under some circumstances).  However, restrictions regarding time of day, number of passengers and speed may apply.    The restrictions are different in different states so make sure you know the rules in your area. 

Level 3 License (full license)

This is the full license that most people have.  It doesn’t include any special restrictions and provides full privileges for driving standard vehicles.

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