Driving Lesson 11 (SP)

"Turns On Busier Streets" Structured Practice 





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Pedistrian at Unmarked Intersection
Pedestrian at Intersection
Intersections – Approaching an Amber (Yellow) Light






How to Drive a Car: Turns on Busier Streets

As a young driver learning how to drive a car it is good to get into certain habits when driving.  One of those habits is thinking about the route you’ll drive before you jump in the car.  Ask your driving coach where you will be going.  Talk through the route with them. By planning ahead you will realize that you will be travelling on some busier streets so you want to be prepared.

Since you are still learning how to drive a car your driving coach may want to avoid tricky spots such as double-turn lanes, merging lanes or construction areas where lanes can appear or disappear unexpectedly.

The route the driver coach will expalin will be done using street names.  Since you are still learning how to drive a car don't hestiate to ask if you don't know the street name.   Knowing the streets and street names just comes with practice. 

Remember that busier streets require you to be aware of the movements of more cars and more people.