Driving Lesson 10 (N2K)

"Navigating the Neighborhood" Need To Know Info

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Dealing with Passengers

Passengers can be a distraction when you learning how to drive a car.  When you are driving on your learner's permit you will probably have a parent in the car so passenger distractions will be minimized.  However once you get a license to drive without a licensed driver you will encounter situations which  will put you at risk and since you are still learning how to drive a car the risk is even higher. 

When you put 3 or more teens together it creates a party environment.   Teens like to have fun and a car provides lots of opportunity for laughs.  To protect you and your friends from harm you need to learn how to drive a car safely when you are with your friends.   But some teens pressure each other to take risks and do things they wouldn’t do on their own.   Research proves that the more teens there are in the car, the more likely it is to be involved in a crash.

On page 67 of "3 Keys to Keeping Your Teen Alive" is a discussion on family rules for the number of passengers.   Many states and provinces also have laws limiting the number of passengers for young drivers who are still learning how to drive a car.  When a bunch of friends beg you to take them all for a ride tell them you can't because it's against the law and you could loose your license.  If it's a family rule tell them you can't because  the car will be taken away.   It is not worth the risk of killing or permanently injuring you or your friends.