Driving Lesson 1 (SP)

"Preparing to Drive; Starting and Stopping" Structured Practice 

How to Drive a Car: Seatbelts

Seat belts separate car crashes from fatal car crashes. Statistics prove they save lives. There is no good excuse not to wear a seat belt. Buckling up needs to be a habit you do without thinking. The videos help as you learn how to drive a car. They provide insight into wearing a seatbelt. More graphic videos on the consequences of not wearing a seatbelt can be found in the Need to Know (N2K) section. Once you have viewed the videos on this page click the link below to go to the Need-to-Know page for Driving Lesson 1:

Click on the image to launch each video.




Seatbelts combined with airbags provide the best protection for drivers and front-seat passengers.

In every crash there are 3 collisions and they all happen at the same speed the vehicle is traveling. So if a car is driving 70 miles per hour (113 kph) and it hits a tree:

  • The car hits the tree at 70 mph
  • The internal organs of the driver hit their ribs and outer shell at 70 mph
  • The driver hits the steering wheel at 70 mph

The last one is the most dangerous. Airbags help to absorb the blow so the driver will survive and there’s no doubt that airbags save lives. The NHTSA estimates they’ve saved more than 25,000 lives in the last 10 years but they must be used properly. See the videos for more info.




What Kind of Braking System Do You Have?

ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) work differently than traditional braking systems, so make sure you understand what kind of system your vehicle has. If you aren’t sure which kind you have, check your Owner’s Manual.

The videos below have great tips on how to use your brakes effectively.

Head Rest:

Make sure you position your head rest properly as it can save you from whip-lash if your vehicle is ever rear-ended.


Check Before Driving:

The videos below provide great tips for things to check before you start your car. A complete list is provided in your workbook "3 Keys to Keeping Your Teen Alive," (pgs. 83 - 85; 7 Things To Do Before Starting Your Car).

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