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How to Drive a Car | Eating and Drinking

Driving a car requires constant attention.  Distractions can easily cause a crash.  In your reasearch on learning how to drive a car you probably found the statistics that show most crashes occur when driving a car less than 30 mph. (50 kph)  A distraction from eating or drinking even at 30 mph is a high risk activity when you learn to drive.

To compound the problem many fast food places have a drive-through.  Eating and drinking in a car is not illegal but as a young driver still learning how to drive a car you need to take every precaution to avoid distractions.  Eating and drinking is one of them. 

The video is not on point to eating while driving but it does create a chuckle.

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Eating & Drinking in a Car

On the serious side ...  you need two hands on the wheel.  Eating and drinking are distractions that take your mind off driving and at least one hand off the wheel.  This applies to experienced drivers and those just learning how to drive.  Hot drinks can also cause a big distraction if they spill on you when driving a car. 

Pull over to eat or drink.  You’ll enjoy it more and you aren’t as likely to spill ketchup on your shirt or hot coffee in your lap.  It is not worth risking a crash.

Are there some foods that you should never eat in cars?  What about:

  • Pasta
  • Salads
  • Meats that needs to be cut with a knife
  • Foods that are dipped in something else

As you learn how to drive a car you need to avoid all distractions if you want to stay safe.   Be sure to practice avoiding distractions during your driving lessons.  Make this as part of your  "Learn to Drive" checklist.  Look for more information in Chapter 5 of the workbook .  The video library also has some videos on this topic.  Go the Driving Lesson 2, Need-to-Know Info in the Video Library.  Click the link below.

Learn to Drive: Driving Lesson 2 - Need-to-Know Info

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