Learn to Drive: News Item on Drunk Driving Accident

Learn to Drive - News Item on Drunk Driving Accident

You learn to drive about the same age as you learn about alcohol.    The worst mistake when learning about alcohol is getting drunk, vomitting and then suffering a hangover.    But if you make the mistake of combining alcohol and driving there is a very good chance of killing yourself and others.   

Have a Back-up Plan

If you drive, it’s your responsibility to stay sober and get all your passengers home safely.   But sometimes mistakes happen. If you planned not to drink but end up drinking, you need to have a back-up plan so you can still get home safely. 

Use the Safe Passage Clause in your Teen Driver-Parent Contract.  Don’t be afraid to call your parents for a ride home.  They’ll appreciate the fact that you used good judgment and didn’t drive impaired.  Regardless of the time or circumstances, they promised not to yell at you.  They’d rather pick you up at 2:00 a.m. across town, than identify your body at the morgue in the morning.

When you’re older and away at college, it might not be possible to call your mom or dad for a ride, but you still need a back-up plan.  Maybe make a pact with a group of friends to support each other this way.  Maybe keep some emergency money in your wallet, so you can take a cab if you need it, but always have a plan and don’t be afraid to use it.

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