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Learn To Drive: Woman Driver Gives Birth at 70 mph!

Learn To Drive - Woman Driver Gives Birth at 70 mph!

If you’ve been living in North America for the last 6 months, you know how dangerous it is to text or talk on your cell phone while driving.  Everybody’s talking about it.  Oprah’s campaigning hard to get people to quit.  A lot of states have already made it illegal.  The fact is that too many people have died when drivers crashed because they were distracted and not paying attention to the road.   Sometimes they hurt themselves.  Often they killed innocent people in the cars they crashed into.

Well – here’s a case of two people who just don’t get it.  This story is so outrageously stupid that it’s hard to believe.  It seems like the kind of story you’d read in the Enquirer – not the New York Times.

This pregnant woman was driving down the highway – doing 70 miles per hour when her water broke.  Her seizure-prone boyfriend held the wheel while she put the car on cruise control and gave birth to their son.  If that sounds insane, listen to this.  The mother decided NOT to pull over and call 911 because she was concerned for the baby’s wellbeing!

What about the wellbeing of the people in all the cars she passed or dodged around at 70 miles per hour while her feet were up on the seat and her pants were around her ankles?

Sadly – Chevrolet rewarded her insanity with gifts for the baby.  In my opinion, she needs her head examined.

For starters – she should lose her driver’s license for dangerous driving and endangering the lives of everyone else on the road.  Child welfare authorities should also be concerned about the judgment of these people who are rearing 5 children between them.


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