Learning to Drive

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Learning to Drive By Nero My experience with driving has always been very simple. I lived away from home and only drove on occasion when I travelled back to see my parents. I decided to move back home to save money and cut costs – ugh student life. With school being so far away, and transit not being […]

Are You Road Trip Ready?

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By Emily C. Road trips are incredible amounts of fun! You get to go on an adventure with friends/family to a new or traditional destination, have no worries, make lots of fun memories, and just go with the flow. But, it’s all fun and games until you’re not prepared and something unexpected happens. When people […]

Road Rage

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By Emily C. Road rage is not a good thing for the person that is getting the anger put on them, or for the person in a rage. As drivers, there is nothing we can do about traffic, construction hold ups, crashes that are time consuming, people who are slow, etc. There is no amount of time […]

The Responsibility of Driving

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By Diana R. Have you ever considered the risks involved in driving a vehicle? As teens, we spend a few months practicing and if we’re lucky we even receive lessons from a good driving school. After a few months of having a license, we become more relaxed when driving until it’s just a natural part of our daily […]

High School Presentations for Young Drivers

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By Nicole S. As a recent high school graduate I vividly remember the various presentations that we had. They all focused on similar themes and were quite repetitive throughout my four years. In terms of presentations regarding safe driving the only exposure I received was presentations that focused solely on drinking and driving. Drinking and driving are major concerns […]