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Be Sure to Scan the Road for Kids

a drivers perspective: nero
A Drivers Perspective: Nero

By Nero S.

Now that summer is upon us, there are certain things we should be paying more attention to.  No, I’m not talking about allergies, or getting sunburnt – it’s about being an observant driver.

 With the warmer weather, we see more people outside playing sports, walking around, and just generally enjoying the great outdoors. Children play near the road or ride bikes and teens play ball hockey or basketball on the road or in driveways.

 As a driver, it ‘s important to obey speed limits and proceed cautiously in residential neighborhoods. Scanning the roads for kids who might enter the roadway and being prepared to stop if necessary is crucial

Being a new driver, I find it difficult to sometimes drive with as much confidence as others. I try to make safe decisions no matter whom I agitate. I know that every time I drive down my street in the summer there are kids playing very close to the curb. I make sure to always anticipate that they will be on the street and proceed with caution – even if the driver behind me honks his horn.   I know I can see things he can’t see.