Weed Out the Risks

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By Stephanie M. Within the last decade, there have been an increasing amount of campaigns directed towards the awareness of the dangers of drunk driving. These campaigns have been successful by educating people of the fatal consequences drunk driving can cause. If you ask any teen, almost all will admit to being told not to […]

Bike Safety Month 2017

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By Emily C.             Biker safety month 2017 takes place between May 29th and the end of June. Since there is much controversy in the area of bikes and vehicles sharing the road together, Ontario is taking on the Biker Safety Month initiative. Not only is this for adult bikers sharing the road with vehicles, […]

Learning to Drive

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Learning to Drive By Nero My experience with driving has always been very simple. I lived away from home and only drove on occasion when I travelled back to see my parents. I decided to move back home to save money and cut costs – ugh student life. With school being so far away, and transit not being […]