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Monsignor Paul Dwyer (Oshawa)
Teens Learn To Drive at Monsignor Paul Dwyer (Oshawa)

Teens Learn to Drive is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to reduce death and injury from traffic crashes. 

The corporation actively works with other non-profit organizations and corporations to:

  • Raise awareness that teen and senior drivers have an increased risk of being involved in fatal and injury-producing crashes
  • Educate and support parents about their crucial role in helping their teens become safe drivers
  • Help parents develop simple strategies to support, monitor and coach their teen drivers effectively
  • Educate teens about unsafe driving behaviors and help them develop workable plans to minimize their chances of being involved in a fatal collision
  • Educate and support senior drivers about strategies that allow them to maintain their independence while reducing the risk to them and others on the road
  • Educate and support new citizens to integrate existing driving experience into safe driving through an understanding of laws and practices

The delivery of this education is via: 

  • Printed materials: books, posters and flyers
  • Articles:  Google Knols,  ezinearticles, hubpages, articlesbase 
  • Web sites offering videos, photos and text;


  • Radio interviews
    great driving
    Help your teen be a great driver
  • TV interviews
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Presentations to students in schools
  • Presentations at non-profit events
  • Classroom instruction
  • In-car instruction

Funding for programs are arranged through corporate sponsorships, grants and donations from individuals.

The Teens Learn to Drive site, the 3 Keys Book and the driving videos are for teen drivers and their parents.  To learn how to drive a car safely requires active parent involvement. Driving is one of the most dangerous things we do every day, so teens must properly learn to drive a car to reduce their risk of a crash.  

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